You Can Turn Your Marriage Around, Your Love Is Not Gone

Many couples who faced the trauma of divorce often couldn't believe that it is happening to them. They thought that the story of divorce belongs to someone else, reality remains a fact. The marriage is in crisis and the possibility of parting ways might happen sooner than expected.

Your emotional turmoils

You fear for the worst, the thought of ending your marriage is giving you endless nights of fear. You begin to overthink the outcome. You cannot accept that your marriage is on rock, denial of a possible failed marriage has become part and parcel of your life now. It is common for one party to blame the other for the problems, expressing anger didn't make you feel any better. Both partners will experienced grief and depression through the emotional roller-coaster.

In some marriages, a thirty-party is involved, the one who gave the third-party a chance felt guilty about it and the guilt will last a long time. For some it lasts a lifetime.

And because of the turmoil you are going through, you cannot function properly. Everything in your life got affected because of this. It doesn't have to. You do have a choice.

You didn't address the challenges

Past arguments didn't die off and were brought up again and each time it happened you opened the floodgate for more fights. Instead of communicating to find solutions you simply fight on. Unknowingly, you have developed a habit for this process - which is the avoidance of finding solutions. Resentments get stored and over time it become overwhelming and emotions start to overflow.

Some people didn't set boundaries in their relationship and allow their partners to violate their boundaries time and time again. They didn't know how to set the limit and say No to their partners without realizing that "No" is not just a word but it can be a complete sentence. 

Did you set boundaries? Can you blame your partner if you didn't communicate your rules?

You realized that there is a lack of mutuality and the distance between you and your partner becomes greater, it all started in the heart first. Emotional distance. As time goes by it escalates into physical distance. For someone couples I know even sleep in separate bedrooms. What could have been done to rectify the issue? Some blame it on work, lack of time, lack of energy ....the list goes on.

You can still rescue your marriage from ending. It doesn't have to end unless you wanted to.

So how can you turn this around?

1. Make your relationship a priority, get to the underlying issues.
2. Reject the victim mindset.
3. Be honest with yourself, you know you want to keep this marriage.
4. Communicate without the drama. Don't raise your voice at your partner.
5. Say "Yes, I can save my marriage".  

Heard of the saying: Where the mind goes the body follows. That simply means what you focus on will lead you to take action in that direction.

A worried mind makes bad decision so it is very important for your to reclaim that inner peace.... take a walk in the park, have a walk in nature or talk to someone. Take a break from negative thinking.
You got to distract yourself from negative thoughts because this marriage can be save. You know it, you don't want a divorce and you want to save your marriage at all cost

Lastly, stop comparing yourself with others. You might have friends whose marriages ended in divorce or have heard stories of failed marriages, there is a possibility that you have experienced the same emotions and you felt that their stories are similar to yours. Your case is definitely different from theirs. If you don't give up, bring out your determination and give your best shot the answer and support will definitely arrive and rescue your marriage.

Remember the oath you have taken.

Last but not least, if you find this useful please share this article with someone you know who can benefit from it.

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