When You Can't Seem To Do Anything Right

I was stuck in a toxic relationship a few years ago when I did not figure out how to love myself. I was trying to please my partner in every possible way but I received nothing from her. No response, no affection, I felt ignored, neglected, unimportant and unappreciated .

I was confused - to stay or to leave. She was surprised when I broke up with her. And I never looked back since the breakup. Perhaps you currently in the same situation. 

You can't seem to do anything right to please your partner. No matter how hard you've tried. Your partner doesn't appreciate your efforts. You want to hang on for a little longer and hope that things will change eventually and receive the affection you want. You are reluctant to walk away because you have vested your time in your partner. It's a difficult situation for you.

If you are hopeful that your partner might change then you are deceiving yourself. You lived in your own deception. I have been through the same situation and from my own experience, it doesn't work out that way. Moving on is tough but staying is a pain. I would rather experience a short term pain than a long one.

Be realistic about your situation and have a glimpse of your partner's real character. You have to decide immediately to end the unfulfilling relationship. Don't feel weak and helpless. You are strong when you made difficult decisions. Recovery is a lot easier if you are the one who decides to end it.

Ending a toxic relationship opens the doorway for a better person to enter your life. 

It will take awhile until you are emotionally available again. You got to bring the attention back to yourself and focus on your own happiness instead.

Unless, you have a taste for toxic relationship then it's time to leave a relationship that is not working for you. End this cycle of self-deception and start a new chapter.

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