Top 5 Reasons Why Your Love Didn't Last

Are you puzzled why didn't your relationships last - it came fast and exits quickly. Some relationships are built for a lifetime while some hard exceed 3 years. I have found the 5 top reasons for short-lived relationship and would like share this with you.

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So what are the top 5 reasons?

#1 You didn't focus on yourself - You focus too much on the needs of your partner and as a result you distracted yourself from asking why didn't your partner give much to the relationship. It was OK to you initially but the feeling of lack soon built up without you knowing, thereafter you begin to feel lonely in your relationship. The loneliness makes you feel empty inside and unfulfilled in your relationship and eventually you chose to leave.

#2 Overprotective - You have been hurt in your past relationship which put you on guard. The past experience transcended to the next relationship and you have became overprotective of yourself. Your partner is unable to breakdown those walls of defense and get to your heart to understand you.

You don't feel comfortable talking about your feelings fearing that your partner will reject those feelings so you chose not to express them. You appear too distant, cold and unpredictable, when that closeness wasn't established your partner chose to leave you.

#3 Too much routine - Either you or your partner feels that the relationship is too boring and there's no passion. The passion which creates the union between the both of you faded because in you are in love for too long. The stale and dull relationship caused either partner to look around for someone more interesting and fun.

You have multiple expectations of your partner. You want your partner to be a friend, a mentor and a lover etc...... to you but your partner falls short of your expectations and is unable to play the different roles you wanted. So when there's nothing new coming from your partner, you see your partner playing the same role day in day out and if nothing changes it becomes a routine soon after you lost your passion in the relationship and chose to leave.

#4 You only satisfy yourself - Once the relationship stabilized, you lost the motivation to work hard to keep the passion going. You didn't realized that keeping the relationship fresh is an ongoing process, the stability of the relationship makes you lazy and you have overlooked that your partner needs your attention. You are too comfortable with the stability and while you are in your comfort zone you failed to satisfy the needs of your partner and in the end your partner left you.

#5 Avoiding conflicts - You thought that tolerance is a virtue but you have overdone it. You are too tolerance with your partner. You didn't express how you feel because you don't want any conflicts and confrontations so you kept a lot of unhappiness to yourself that goes on until you couldn't take it anymore. The fault in fact is not with your partner but you and you chose to end the relationship without giving your partner the real reasons behind the break up.

Avoid making these 5 mistakes that shorten the lifespan of your relationship, it's time to create a long lasting relationship. It's really up to each and everyone of us to make the relationship work, don't rely on your partner to do that for you. - You have to end the painful cycle yourself.

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