Stop Your Alpha Male Mindset - Men Should Read This

The 5 Deadly Mistakes advocates by an Alpha Male. 

If you want to keep your lover the you have to avoid all these 5 mistakes. Don't believe what the Alpha Male advocates are telling you. This is what you should do to be in control of your relationship. However, in relationship it is not about who is in control but how do you feel in the relationship. Build connection and equality instead of getting on top of her like her master.

X Do not reward your woman unless she has done something you want.

Usually this refers to sex. Only reward her like giving her gifts or bring her to an expensive restaurant after she agrees to go to bed with you. You are not buying sex and you are not respecting her if you do that. You got to respect her body.

-----> Treat her like a slut - She leaves you.

Do not reward your woman until she is worthy enough to earn your affection.

If only she is good enough like dress well when she goes out with you, she does what you want or if she submits to you. First ask yourself if you are worthy of her love and dedication. What can you do for her? Do not use reward as a bait for her affection. Pity the woman who actually buys this nonsense.

-----> Treat her like she is unworthy - She leaves you.

Your thinking is more important than hers, act as though you are not affected by           what she is thinking.

Wrong again. What she thinks is important, how she sees you is equally important. Don't live in your own world thinking that only you matter. If you cannot get into her mind you will never get into her heart. Learn to ask question and pay attention to what she says instead.

-----> Live your own world - She leaves you.

Don't take a woman seriously.

Unless you are into one night stand, every woman in a relationship wants to be taken seriously. Not taking a woman seriously is a sign of an over inflated ego, while you create an impression that she is not as important as you, you unknowingly create an unrealistic assessment of your own importance. She is not going to stay in the relationship if you cannot take her seriously. Be serious if you want a lifelong relationship with her.

-----> Have an inflated ego - She leaves you.

Get her to do things for you.

Don't treat her like your personal assistant and unless she is paid a wage don't instruct her to do things for you. The only way to get her to do things for you is to love her, show her affection, be loyal to her, connect with her, be there for her when she needs you and most importantly acknowledge her emotions, whatever she is feeling. She will then do things for you out of her own accord if she feels that this relationship is heading to a positive future.

-----> Boss her around - She leaves you.

Avoid the 5 Deadly Mistakes.

Get this in your mind: Her world doesn't evolve around you, you are part of her world not the entirety of it. This is not the 1950s, that mindset should be ditched at once unless you want your mate to dump you for someone better.

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