30 Seconds Warm-up To Resolve Conflicts

Most of us are not effective in conflicts resolutions because when conflicts arise they disrupt our emotional states. We went from the feeling of peace to anger within seconds. Communication is almost impossible. 

Have you experienced that before?

You know that you have to resolve the conflicts with your partner but somehow you are not in the right mood to communicate. The conflicts carry on without resolutions. Negative feelings begin to build up resulting in more arguments. This cycle repeats itself. 

I will share with you a weird technique that will change your emotional states instantly. I have learnt this technique 10 years ago - I am still using it today. It works like magic in conflicts resolutions. Though it sounds weird but it works. Follow these 4 Steps to change your emotional state within 30 seconds.

4 Steps To Changing States

#1. Recall the incident that caused the argument. Recall everything - What did your partner do? The way your partner moved, the first thing your partner did prior to the argument - like opening the door, pouring water. Include yourself in the scene - What were you doing? Were you dressing up when your partner entered the bedroom? Were you playing with your kids? What did you do? This is the scene where it all happened.

Play this "movie" in your mind and notice how you feel. 

Once you have completed Step 1, the rest of the steps are easy.

#2. Now, play that movie backwards. See yourself and your partner moving backwards. Include your dog, the postman at your door, your kids. Include EVERYONE in the movie and they are all moving backwards. Ignore all voices - ignore what you and your partner said. This movie is soundless.

"Rewind" the movie and  notice how you feel.

Rewind the movie faster, as quickly as you can. You "fast-backward" instead of fast-forward.

#3. Step 3 is easy - You repeat Step 2, but this time you play the movie in Black/White. Charlie Chaplin's style. 

Notice how you feel this time.

#4. Now, think of a sound or a piece of music, a song if you want to, which sounds silly, ridiculous or amusing - If The Flintstones' opening theme sounds silly to you - Play it. Play that music with your movie.

This is a black/white movie that plays Fast-backward with a silly music. 

Notice how you feel. Do you feel silly? Hilarious? Ridiculous? Did your state change? Absolutely. Can you feel upset/angry watching that kind of movie?

You are in a non-anger state to communicate with your partner - the tone of your voice, your body language and the way you communicate changed because of that movie. 

This technique sounds silly but it will work for you most of the time. The only hindrance to making this technique works - is your own Will. Practice the 4 Steps until you are good at it. 

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