#1 Mistake Women Make In Dating High Status Men

I will keep today's article short and simple.

I have a handful of female friends who prefer ordinary and low profile men while most of them wanted man with high social status. But none of them know how to date a high status man and the number of them getting through to the next date is ZERO.

Men with high social status include high income earner, celebrity, leader of the pack.....they command respect and draw attention from women. These men are picky however you do not need to be a high status woman to succeed in dating these men. Just avoid what my friends are doing. They have made the #1 mistake in dating high status men. -- They falsely projected a large pool of suitors to the men they are dating.

Faking your pool of suitors
You wanted to give the impression that you have a pool of suitors and the purpose of doing so is to show that you are desirable to many men. You don't want the man who you are dating to think that you are not in demand or valued by another men. You don't want your date to think that you are not sought after by anyone. Don't make the same mistake like what my friends did..... in all their dates with the high status men, they have made hints to the men that they are surrounded by suitors, thereafter they tried to play hard to get or hide and seek with their date to back up their claims. This technique will only work if the man is needy in love and it is to safe to say that such men do not have any social status. You want the right man.

You are telling your date (the high status man) that he is one of the choices in your pool of candidates who are waiting to be qualified or disqualified by you. Do that to a high status man and you will screw up your date. A high status man is not going to play this game with you. There two reasons to this:

■ A high status man has no problem attracting the opposite gender. He doesn't need to play your game and he doesn't need any woman to qualify him.

■ His ego is too big to play this game. He doesn't want to be in that pool of candidates where he can be qualified or disqualified. You cannot disqualify a high status man because the privilege he gets from his status "entitle" him to disqualify others not the other way round. Remember this - He doesn't like to be chosen, he wants to choose instead.

Avoid the common mistake that most women makes in dating high status men - Don't mention about your pool of candidates or try to fake that pool. You will appear needy if you try to fake it and that wrong move screws up your date and your chance to getting your dream man.

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